How does PREA impact Southeast Alabama Youth Services (SAYS) facilities?

PREA addresses the detection, elimination and prevention of sexual assault in all incarceration facilities throughout the United States. PREA directs the collection and dissemination of information on the incidence of juvenile on juvenile sexual violence as well as staff sexual misconduct with juveniles in SAYS custody.

 To whom does PREA apply?

PREA applies to all public and private institutions that house juvenile and/or adult offenders, males or females. PREA is applicable to the smallest residential facility as well as facilities that hold hundreds of juveniles. 

What is the evidence of the agency’s commitment to maintain a safe, humane and appropriately secure environment for youth?

SAYS is committed to providing safe, humane and appropriately secure environments for juveniles. All SAYS staff received specialized training to ensure that this occurs. Standards of employee conduct have long included prohibitions against staff becoming inappropriately personally involved with youthful offenders. Employee disciplinary actions and referrals to law enforcement have been initiated where appropriate. When sufficient evidence exists, SAYS does not hesitate to remove that employee and to support criminal prosecution of that employee. 

 How does PREA impact SAYS employees?

PREA addresses the safety of juveniles while in SAYS custody – including sexual assault, sexual harassment, supposedly “consensual sex” with employees, and youth-on-youth sexual assault. PREA pertains to the safety of juvenile or adjudicated offenders while in the custody of the criminal justice system including jail, detention, non-secure residential care, and secure confinement. PREA also directs agencies to maintain data regarding youth-on-youth sexual assaults, nonconsensual sexual acts, and staff-on-youth sexual misconduct. 

 PREA Zero Tolerance Policy

It is the policy of the Southeast Alabama Youth Services to ensure that sexual activity between staff and juveniles, volunteers or contract personnel and juveniles, regardless of consensual status, is prohibited and subject to administrative and criminal disciplinary sanctions. All employees, volunteers and independent contractors are expected to have a clear understanding that SAYS strictly prohibits any type of sexual relationship with an individual under SAYS supervision. Such conduct is considered a serious breach of the standards of conduct and these relationships will not be tolerated. Engaging in a personal and/or sexual relationship may result in employment termination and/or termination of the contractual or volunteer status. All private providers or entities that contract for the confinement of juveniles shall comply with the PREA standards and agree to be monitored for PREA compliance.

 How do I report sexual abuse or harassment?

If you suspect sexual abuse or harassment has happened at one of Southeast Alabama Youth Services facility, you have several options for reporting:

·      Contacting the Facility Administration

(334) 983-8377

−      Tabitha Brannon, Executive Director

−      Joseph Easley, Residential Services Director

−      Kaycie Nall, PREA/Compliance Coordinator 

 ·      Contacting the Alabama Department of Youth Services Sexual Assault Hotline

−      1 (855) 332-1594

·      If you prefer, you may call and report to the Police or Sheriff’s Department in the location where the allegations occurred.

 ·      You may also report using the Third-Party Reporting for Sexual Abuse/Assault/Harassment (link).

Please have any information or evidence available for the investigator who will be assigned to handle the case. All reports are taken seriously.