Special Guests & Speakers

The Southeast Alabama Youth Services depends on community support to create spaces to nurture those in need of our services. Below is a pictorial of projects that local community organizations have supported either through financial donations or providing labor. 


Guest Speakers & SPECIAL GUESTS

Guest speakers continually visit the Diversion Center to speak with the youth about the importance of staying in school, making wise decisions, taking important steps in the right direction, and excelling once on these positive paths. Speakers include (in no particular order): Marvin Horne from Alabama Aviation Center, Houston County Commission Chairman Mark Culver, Mayor Mike Schmitz, Silvia Schmitz from Dothan Technology Center, Daniel Turner from the State Parole Board, recruiters National Guard Officer Cairns and US Army Officer Benton, book author of "Angels Among Us...Even In Iraq" - Dr Diane Hassan, Pamela Miles and Robbie Treadwell from Exchange Center on Child Abuse, Henry Quintero from SunSouth Bank, Mitzi Gulledge from Servis 1st Bank, Lawrence Keener from Alfred Saliba Family Services Center, Lisa Smith from Exchange Center on Child Abuse, retired helicopter pilot CW3 Glen Street, Jason Williams from Just the Facts: Straight Talk, Donna McGee from Covenant Hospice, Robbie Treadwell from Exchange Center on Child Abuse with graduate student Erin GreyBull Harrison, Delia Reynolds from the Houston County Health Department, Career Center Specialist Kristina Bennett, David Duke with Dial 2-1-1, Greg Simmons from our United States Navy, Mary Kay Consultant Tosha Dortch, Ovetta Coleman from Houston County Truancy Prevention, Probation Officer Chelsie Smith, Chaplain Anthony Askew, Kris Doss from Healthy You, Houston County Commissioner Curtis Harvey, City of Dothan Personnel Director Delvick McKay, Beth Ford from Houston County Substance Abuse Partnership, Mechell Rawls from Friends Empowering the World, Tommy Davis from Alfred Saliba Family Services Center, Matthew Scroggins and Winston Freeman from the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Marianna, Anne Marie Carr from Alabama Career Center Systems, Michael Vann from Wallace Community College, Jill Williams from The Downtown Group, Emily Waters our local Director of Economic Development, Lynn Williford from the Diabetes Treatment Center, Tijuana Garrett with GEMS, Sheryl Walker from Child Advocacy Center, Bradley Hardy from Dothan Rescue Mission, Tamekia Ward from Capstone Services, Mark Hafner from The Salvation Army, Shelley Linderman from Wiregrass Angel House, Belinda Mitchell from the Saliba Center for Families, Sgt Jensen and Sgt Elson (Army National Guard), Kinsey Police Chief Tim Hurd, and Captain Stacy Robinson from Dothan Police Department. We are honored for them to share their stories, encouragement, and guidance with us and we are thankful for all the ways that they continue to serve and support our local communities.